About Us

She'luxe Couture was formed in 2009. A majority of the hand-crafted line was created to boost confidence and are guaranteed to demand attention. Inspired by music, art, and their own personal style, each design was created with a range of feathers, leather, metals, and chain that can be worn when headed to a business meeting or a red-carpet event. Alondra and Aja love to create high fashion runway couture pieces that are eye-catching yet breath taking.

Alondra Bowens

As a teenager, Alondra was often asked to whip up jewelry for friends. Always fooling around with feathers, metals, or fabrics, her styles were always requested by friends for special occasions and then later on by stylists for photoshoots or red-carpet events. After attending college for a while, Alondra took some classes to perfect her technical skills, but her designs were so in demand, that she decided to pursue it full-time, therefore creating She'Luxe Couture. She also doubles as a wardrobe stylist.

Aja Clifford

Co-designer Aja Clifford a native of California, was heavily infuenced by her fashionable mother who would sew her school clothes for her growing up. Aja saw firsthand how designs could be created and then worn. In school, Aja often could be found doodling designs in her notebooks and eventually designing clothes and accessories. Aja knew early on that she had a passion for design and a natural talent that would propel her forward in fashion.